Welcome to the IBM Websphere Commerce Hub

Welcome to the IBM Websphere Commerce Hub

Come join me in my journey to explore the various features and capabilities of IBM Websphere Commerce and understand how retailers can benefit from its really cool out-of-box functionality.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

SQL1032N - Issues with DB2START - DB2 9.5 ESE & DB2 9.7 ESE

If db2start command fails giving the error code SQL1042C SQL1032N

SQL8000N DB2START processing failed; a valid product license was not found.
SQL1032N No start database manager command was issued. SQLSTATE=57019


These error typically indicate that the DB2 UDB product license has not been activated.


To activate the DB2 UDB product license, run this command:

db2licm -a license_filename

Where license_filename is the name of the license file.


The file db2ese.lic is the DB2 Enterprise Server Edition license file. The license file should be copied to a local directory (e.g. /tmp) and updated with the following command (resulting output shown):

=> db2licm -a /tmp/db2ese.lic
DBI1402I License added successfully.

DBI1426I This product is now licensed for use as specified in
the License Acceptance and License Information
documents pertaining to the licensed copy of this
DIRECTORY: /usr/opt/db2_08_01/license/en_US.iso88591

The license information can be queried with this command (resulting output shown):

=> db2licm -l
Product Name = "DB2 Enterprise Server Edition"
Product Password = "DB2ESE"
Version Information = "8.1"
Expiry Date = "Permanent"
Registered Connect User Policy = "Disabled"
Number Of Entitled Users = "5"
Enforcement Policy = "Soft Stop"
Number of processors = "1"
Number of licensed processors = "1"
Annotation = ""
Other information = ""

Management Center : Increasing the Promotion Code Upload Limit

By default, the maximum file size of your CSV file or .zip is 10 MB. You can change the maximum file size.

The maximum file size limit is defined in both the Open Lazlo client and Websphere Commerce instance file.

Below are the steps required to be performed to increase the promotion code upload limit :

1. Update the client
  1. Open WebSphere Commerce Developer and switch to the Enterprise Explorer view.
  2. In the Enterprise Explorer view, expand LOBTools > WebContent > config> commerce> promotion> objectDefinitions
  3. Open the PromotionCodeImportPrimaryObjectDefinition.def file, and locate the defination name proBasePromotionCodeImportPrimaryObjectDefinition.
  4. Update the value of the maximumFileSize attribute. The default value is 10000000 bytes. You can change this value as needed, however, keep in mind the impact that larger files might have on your server.
    <PrimaryObjectDefinition copyProtected="true" creatable="true" definitionName="proBasePromotionCodeImportPrimaryObjectDefinition" displayName="${promotionResources.promotionCodeImportObjectName}" displayNameProperty="fileName" fileNamePropertyName="fileName" fileSizePropertyName="fileSize" headerIcon="promotionCodeImportHeaderIcon" helpLink="tasks/tprimportpromo.htm" icon="promotionCodeImportIcon" idProperty="promotionCodeImportId" isBaseDefinition="true" isFileObject="true" maximumFileSize="new_size" newDisplayName="${promotionResources.promotionCodeImport_newPromotionDisplayName}" newObjectMenuItemText="${promotionResources.contextMenuNewPromotionCodeImport}" objectGroups="PromotionCodeImportGroup" propertiesDefinitionName="proPromotionCodeImportProperties" searchType="FindPromotionCodeImports" writeUsage="IBM_ManagePromotionTool"> 

    where new_size is the size you want (in bytes).
  1. Update the server.
    1. Open the Updating the WebSphere Commerce configuration file, and locate the command element for com.ibm.commerce.promotion.commands.CreatePromotionCodeImportCmd name.
    2. Change the value of the maxuploadsize attribute to match the value specified for the client.
    3. Run the ANT target: UpdateEAR target to update the runtime configuration with the master configuration file.
After you complete your customization:
  1. Right-click LOBTools Project; then click Build OpenLaszlo Project to produce an updated ManagementCenter.swf file under the workspace_dir\LOBTools\WebContent directory. This setting is the default environment setting.
  2. Test your changes by viewing them in the Management Center, using this URL: https://hostname:8000/lobtools.
  3. Deploy your changes to your production environment.

Remote Widgets

Found this cool video which talks about Remote Widgets.. Hope this post also goes viral ! ;)