Welcome to the IBM Websphere Commerce Hub

Welcome to the IBM Websphere Commerce Hub

Come join me in my journey to explore the various features and capabilities of IBM Websphere Commerce and understand how retailers can benefit from its really cool out-of-box functionality.


Smarter SEO for Smarter Commerce

Search engines, such as Google, are one of the most important channels for customers to reach your store. Using search engine optimization (SEO) to improve page ranking can result in increased traffic and revenue. We can understand its importance deeply and this is our attempt at understand the OOB capabilities of WCS 7 with regards to SEO and how it can be used for a Smarter Commerce.

The SEO functionality for WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Feature pack 3 or later improves online search page ranking for your store by creating short, clean SEO-friendly URLs with meaningful keywords. This version includes enhanced Management Center tools that business users can use to influence page ranking by changing the URL and metadata information, an improved Sitemap generator that indexes all the SEO-friendly URLs, and 301 URL redirect rules.
Search engine optimization for WebSphere Commerce provides the following functionality:
  • Creating simple, static URLs for store pages that shoppers and search robots can easily understand
  • Optimizing page meta data to improve search engine page rank
  • Creating 301 URL redirection when a web page has moved
  • Generating Sitemaps to submit to search engine provider
We are starting a week marathon to understand each of key capabilities.So, pack up your energy drinks and get ready to run with me!

Day 1 : Introducing "wcf:url" tag
Day 2 : WebSphere Commerce search engine optimization (SEO) data model 
Day 3 : Search engine optimization (SEO) URL pattern files
Day 4 : Demo - Creating short SEO URLs for new static views
Day 5 : 301 Redirections for Search Engine Optimization
Day 6 : Title and meta description (TMD) for SEO pages
Day 7 : Generating Sitemaps to submit to search engine providers 

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