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Welcome to the IBM Websphere Commerce Hub

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 4 : Demo - Creating short SEO URLs for new static views

Let us revisit and do some practical based on the concepts learned on Day 1 to Day 3.

In this demo tuturial , we will create a short SEO friendly URL for a custom view that we have created "SuggestionsComplaintsView" using the WCS 7 SEO Pattern mapping files in simple 3 steps.

We will change the long WCS URL
Short Search Engine optimized URL

Pack up your energy drinks and lets sprint into the SEO world. I hope you will find it in useful.

Demo Video:

Help Section:

The JSPs and XMLs used in this demo can be downloaded from this link.

Pattern Definition made in the SEOURLPatterns-ext.xml

SEO/URLPattern wc-seo-url-pattern.xsd">
        SuggestionComplaints URL like this:
http://localhost/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/madisons/suggestion-complaints    -->
    <seourl:seoUrlPatternDef name="SuggestionComplaintsURL">
        <seourl:seoUrlPattern viewName="SuggestionsComplaintsView">/LanguageToken/StoreToken:CatalogToken/SuggestionComplaintsToken</seourl:seoUrlPattern>
            <seourl:mapping name="langId" value="?LanguageToken?" />
            <seourl:mapping name="storeId" value="?StoreToken?" />
            <seourl:mapping name="catalogId" value="?CatalogToken?" />
            <seourl:mapping name="LanguageToken" value="?langId?"
                defaultValue="-1" />
            <seourl:mapping name="StoreToken" value="?storeId?" />
            <seourl:mapping name="CatalogToken" value="?catalogId?" />
            <seourl:mapping name="SuggestionComplaintsToken" value="SuggestionComplaintsToken" />
        <seourl:usageDef CMCPrefix="true">
            <seourl:usage device="browser">

SQL Executed
insert into seotokenusgtype (tokenusgtype_id, tokenusgtype, primarytoken,storeent_id, isstatic) values ((select counter+1 from KEYS where tablename='seotokenusgtype') , 'SuggestionComplaints', 'SuggestionComplaintsToken',<store-id>, 1);
update KEYS set counter=counter+1 where tablename='seotokenusgtype';
insert into seourl (seourl_id, tokenname, tokenvalue) values ((select counter+1 from KEYS where tablename='seourl'), 'SuggestionComplaintsToken', 'SuggestionComplaintsToken');
insert into seourlkeyword (seourlkeyword_id, seourl_id, storeent_id,language_id, urlkeyword, status) values((select counter+1 from KEYS where tablename='seourlkeyword'), (select seourl_id from seourl where tokenname='SuggestionComplaintsToken'), <store-id>, -1, 'suggestion-complaints', 1);
update KEYS set counter=counter+1 where tablename='seourl';
update KEYS set counter=counter+1 where tablename='seourlkeyword';

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