Welcome to the IBM Websphere Commerce Hub

Welcome to the IBM Websphere Commerce Hub

Come join me in my journey to explore the various features and capabilities of IBM Websphere Commerce and understand how retailers can benefit from its really cool out-of-box functionality.

WCS 7 Certification

To become a "IBM Certified Application Developer - WebSphere Commerce V7.0" ,  we would need to write the "Test 000-723: IBM WebSphere Commerce V7.0, Application Development".

To know more about the Certifications , please refer to the below links :

IBM Certified Application Developer - WebSphere Commerce V7.0
Test 000-723: IBM WebSphere Commerce V7.0, Application Development

Test Pattern:

The test consists of seven sections containing a total of 56 multiple-choice questions. The percentages after each section title reflect the approximate distribution of the total question set across the sections. 
Section 1 - Architecture and Programming Framework (13%)
  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the product architecture and programming framework.
  2. Explain the differences and limitations between product editions.
  3. Distinguish between the WebSphere Commerce business models.
  4. Describe the major WebSphere Commerce sub-systems.
  5. Use the WebSphere Commerce data models.

Section 2 - Installation, Configuration and Maintenance (11%)
  1. Install the WebSphere Commerce Developer.
  2. Apply fixes, fix packs and feature packs.
  3. Examine the logs to verify the installation details.
  4. Configure the WebSphere Commerce Developer (e.g., store publishing, messaging, enabling optional modules, etc.).
  5. Install and configure optional components and additional software (e.g., IBM Gift Center, IBM Sales Center, Coremetrics, etc).

Section 3 - Development and Customization (38%)
  1. Design and develop Web 2.0 store front pages.
  2. Develop and customize business logic using Name Value Pair (NVP) and Business Object Document (BOD) command frameworks.
  3. Extend the persistence layer using Data Service Layer (DSL) and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB).
  4. Implement BOD and Service Oriented Integration (SOI) service modules.
  5. Customize the administration tools (e.g., Accelerator, Management Center, etc.).
  6. Implement exception handling and tracing.
  7. Define and apply the access control policies and session management techniques.
  8. Use dynamic caching (DynaCache).
  9. Package custom assets for deployment.
  10. Customize the optional components (e.g. IBM Sales Center and IBM Gift Center).

Section 4 - Testing and Debugging (13%)
  1. Use product supplied Unit Test mechanisms (e.g. Management Center Test Automation Framework, Storefront Test Automation Engine).
  2. Use product documentation and available online resources (e.g. Information Center, IBM Redbooks, developerWorks, etc).
  3. Debug and troubleshoot.

Section 5 - Payments and Integration with External Systems (14%)
  1. Create and configure payment plug-ins.
  2. Interpret, implement and configure integration with external systems.
  3. Demonstrate integration with Social Commerce and Coremetrics.

Section 6 - Staging and Data Load (11%)
  1. Describe the staging server environment and use staging utilities.
  2. Enable and use workspaces.
  3. Customize and configure the Data Load utility.
  4. Prepare SQL, XML, CSV and other data loading assets.
  5. Perform full and delta data load in development, test and staging environments. 

Preparation Material:

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