Welcome to the IBM Websphere Commerce Hub

Welcome to the IBM Websphere Commerce Hub

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Already registered in other site and cant register/login in extended site?

So , here is the issue I faced. As part of the standard WCS7 installation , the Madisons store published and ready for used.

I registered my email address (I prefer using my emailId as the logonId) in the Madisons store and explored its features. Then set-up my extended site (MyRetailStore) and tried to register the same email address , the obvious happened - It did not let me register because the logonId already exists.

So , next I tried to log in to the My Store but it did not let me login saying that I have no authority to log in to the store.

Have you faced this issue as well and dont know what to do?

The solution is as simple as giving this user a "Registered Customer" role in MyStore

Step 1: Get the member_id for the user
                     select user_id from userreg where logonid like '<yourlogonId>';
I get the value 2004 for my logonId 'nehadas85@gmail.com'

Step 2: Get the orgentity_id for your store
                     select * from orgentity where ORGENTITYNAME = '<yourstorename>';
I get the value 7000000000000000851 for my store

Step 3: Create a record in the MBRROLE table
                    insert into mbrrole values (2004,-29,7000000000000000851,0);
where , -29 is the role_id for the 'Registered Customer' role

Now try log-in to MyStore and voila! you can login -

Next question that came to my mind was do my wishlist items / orders in MyStore show up in Madisons and vice versa! This is definitely we dont want. Lets try it and learn more :)

I added an item to my account in MyStore -

Next I logged out and sign-in to Madisons store. What we find :) No Items in my wishlist in Madisons store

Handy Tip: You can avoid all this by choose the option below at the time of new store creation.

 Happy Learning! :)

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