Welcome to the IBM Websphere Commerce Hub

Welcome to the IBM Websphere Commerce Hub

Come join me in my journey to explore the various features and capabilities of IBM Websphere Commerce and understand how retailers can benefit from its really cool out-of-box functionality.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Precision Marketing - Category Product Recommendations

This post contains a three part video series to demostrate the "Precision Marketing" feature of the WebSphere Commerce and how it can be used to control the Category page Recommendations based on-
  1. Interactional Behavior
  2. Transactional (Shopping Cart)  Behavior
  3. Profile Information
This solution is recommended for websites where Collaborative Filtering may not be the ideal solution and the recommendations are based more on business rules. 

I hope you will enjoy the video series -

Part 1 : Recommendation based on Interactional Behavior (Page being viewed)

Part 2 : Recommendation based on Transactional (Shopping Cart)  Behavior (Items added in the shopping cart )

Part 3 : Recommendation based on Profile Information (Age Group)

Happy Recommending !

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