Welcome to the IBM Websphere Commerce Hub

Welcome to the IBM Websphere Commerce Hub

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Determining What APARs are Installed on WebSphere Commerce 6.0

When resolving problems, you might need to know what APARs are currently installed on your WebSphere Commerce environment.

WebSphere Commerce keeps a history of installed APARs in the following location:

WC_userdir /instances/ instance_name /properties/version/update/backup/NIFStack.xml
Check the NIFStack.xml file to see which APARs are currently installed.
For more details on an APAR that was installed or uninstalled, check the logs corresponding to the specific APAR. These log files can be found in the following directories:
WC_installdir /logs/update/ APAR_name .install
WC_installdir /logs/update/ APAR_name .uninstall
    where APAR_name is the name of the APAR; for example, IFJR27070.


    1. Hi,
      You can also determine this by running the below command from WCS_HOME/bin :
      ./historyInfo.sh (only on server editions)