Welcome to the IBM Websphere Commerce Hub

Welcome to the IBM Websphere Commerce Hub

Come join me in my journey to explore the various features and capabilities of IBM Websphere Commerce and understand how retailers can benefit from its really cool out-of-box functionality.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Coshopping - Shop with friends anytime anywhere

Co-shopping is one of the coolest features which comes with WCS 7 - Feature Pack 2 and has fascinated me the most. I am not sure if any of the other competitive products have this feature.

Coshopping enables two shoppers to explore a store, view products, and chat about products.
Coshopping provides real-time synchronization of two shoppers' web browsers to create a single collaborative shopping session controlled by one shopper. Shoppers can grant and take control of the session, highlight web page elements, and send messages to one another. In coshopping, both shoppers operate separate browsing sessions with individual privacy protected.
Coshopping uses the WebSphere Application Server Communications Enabled Applications (CEA) Feature Pack and CEA peer-to-peer web collaboration widgets to synchronize each browser to the web page of the initializing shopper. For information about WebSphere Application Server Communications Enabled Applications (CEA) Feature Pack.

The main coshopping features are:
  • Explore a store
  • Take control of a session
  • Highlight web page elements
  • View products
  • Chat about products
Coshopping can enhance an existing contact center chat solution by allowing a customer service representative (CSR) to guide the customer through product browsing and selection on the site.
Coshopping supports two shoppers in a single session and a session time max of 30 minutes.

Below are few videos which gives a feel of this amazing feature ever. I hope you will be as excited as I am to explore this feature once you see these videos:

Co-shopping between two browsers

Co-shopping with friends on an iPhone

Coming Soon: Enabling Co-shopping in local developer toolkit. Stay Tuned.
As promised , the steps to enable has been provided in my blog post -

Similiar Application : In my exploration quest , I found a retailer using a similar feature. Go try it out and enjoy this amazing and really really cool feature -


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